Willow Smith Opens Up About Self-Harm

Willow Smith became a pop star at the ripe age of 9 years old. However, what most people don’t know, is that exhaustion from living that life caused little Willow to self-harm by cutting her wrists.

Now at 17, Willow told her grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and mother Jada Pinkett Smith about what was really going on at that time. She spoke about the issues she was dealing with during an episode of “Red Table Talk,” a Facebook talk show.

The episode was speaking on surviving loss, and Willow took the time to speak on her own experiences. She chose to discuss how in 2010 she lost her sanity not too long after debuting her single “Whip My Hair.”

In the interview, she explains that during the debut of her song, she felt as though she was going crazy. She says there was a time afterward that she no longer was taking singing lessons and life was going gray. She didn’t know who she was or her purpose anymore.

After touring and doing promotions, she says things began to feel dull. She spent most of the time listening to dark music and began cutting her self.

Willow Smith Speaks On Personal Experience With Self-Harming

Both her grandmother and mother said they did not now she was self-harming herself.

Willow goes on to say that it was a long time ago and she doesn’t cut her self anymore. She explained that she prefers not to talk about it due to it only lasting a little while. She says she had to bring herself back to reality.

Also in the interview, Jada speaks on her personal loss of losing her close friend, rapper Tupac Shukar. After learning of his death, she says that her husband Will had to catch her from falling. She was in utter and complete shock.

To her, Jada explains, it felt as though he left her. Though she says this thinking was selfish, she goes on to say that in her heart of hearts, she knew he was going to be here longer.