Telemarketer Who Are Fake Fines

Adrian Abramovich of Miami is probably one of the most annoying telemarketers to date. Abramovich was fined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for sending out over 100 million telemarketing calls between the year 2015 and 2016. His telemarketer scheme involved making robocalls, as many as 2 Million a day to unsuspecting customers.

The pre-recorded message played as soon as the person answered the call. If the customer cooperated by pressing “1”, they were then connected to a live telemarketer. The automated message stated that they had “exclusive Vacation deals.” Also, the were using the names of popular travel companies like Expedia and TripAdvisor along with higher end hotel names like Hilton and Marriott. The problem with the message is none of these specific companies  were apart of any of these promotion.

Fake Telemarketer calling All Over The U.S.

Once the person receives a call via robocall , someone transfers them to the live telemarketer. They were then up-sold different vacation packages with certain companies. Abramovich was receiving money to send traffic to call centers, one of them being located in Mexico. TripAdvisor got word on what was going on about the man falsifying information. They began to investigate the fraud.

Fake Telemarketer calling All Over The U.S.

With the help of the FCC, they were able to track down the corporation responsible for misleading potential customers. The trail led to the sole director Abramovich, who admitted to the calls. He used spoof software that created local phone numbers to get more people to answer their phones.

The FCC gave  Abramovich a fine of $120 Million, stating that the calls were a disruption to many people’s lives. Also, that they may have been the reason for delays in vital emergency care by tying up the paging network. Abramovich believes the accusations are untrue. He also believes that he did nothing wrong. He says he was connecting the individuals with “real” companies w with real vacation offers.