Pakistan And Their New Transgender Bill

There’s great news coming out of Pakistan. Their government just put into a motion a significant bill for those who are transgender. The bill, Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, will allow for people to choose their gender. Also, their new identity will receive recognition on documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, and national IDs.

The bill also will prohibit institutions and workplaces as well as modes of transportation from discriminating against those who are transgender.

Another great prospect that comes with the bill is that now transgender people can run for office.

Mehlab Jameel, an activist from Lahore, Pakistan, was apart of the bill writing process. In an interview, he says that when he heard that the bull had passed, he was in utter shock!

Pakistan To Institute New Transgender Law

One of the reasons for the new bill was because of an issue that occurred back in January of 2017. There was a bill set in place that was not supportive of those who are transgender.

However, the new bill needs the “John Hancock” from Mamnoon Hussain, the president of Pakistan. If he does sign the bill, there is no time limit on when it will affect those in the community.

A 23-year old transgender activist died in 2016 from gunshot wounds. A local group in the area says that medical staff kept debating on if she was to go to the men’s ward or the woman’s ward for treatment.

This new bill does not speak about gay and lesbian rights. It also does not outline the penalties for those who do discriminate against a transgender person. Due to corruption, laws that are currently in place that people choose not to follow. However, those in the know stay optimistic about the future and look forward to the change that is to come.