Brain Fluid Leak Mistaken For “Runny Nose”

Kendra Jackson went to the doctors on numerous occasions to fond the cause of her nasal leakage. She soon would find out that the lead was actually her brain fluid leaking through her nose.

Back in 2013, Ms. Jackson was in a car accident that was very traumatic. While driving, she was hit from the back, and her face slammed on the dashboard. This was when the coughing, sneezing, and fluid began.

For a while, she thought her recurring runny nose was a symptom of having a common cold.

In an interview, Jackson said that her nose felt like a continuous waterfall. Also, that the fluid from her nose would run down the back of her throat.

Ms. Jackson has been to a plethora of doctors, all who said she was suffering from allergies. However, Jackson knew that there was a more serious underlying issue going on.

Doctors Misdiagnose Brain Fluid Leak For Allergies

Finally, after meeting with doctors at Nebraska Medicine was she given the answers she was seeking. Doctor’s diagnosed Ms. Jackson with having a cerebrospinal fluid leak (CSF). Doctors informed Jackson that she was leaking fluid from her brain! She was losing about a half-pint a day of brain fluid through her nose.

Jackson was suffering from not only nasal leaks but constant headaches as well.

A long time ago, in order for doctors to find the cause of the leak, they would perform brain surgery. However, now there is technology that makes for easier repair to CSF.

Rhinologist Dr. Christie Barnes says that they use cameras with angles and instrument with angles to get to the brain.

Doctors saw that there was a small hole between Ms. Jackson’s nostrils and skull. To plug the hole, they used pieces of her fatty tissue.

After the surgery, Jackson says that she no longer has to carry around the tissue. Also, that she is getting more sleep than before.

Doctors expect for Jackson to make a full recovery.