Self-Driving Van Involved In Crash In Arizona

On Friday, May 4th, there was an accident in Arizona involving a self-driving van. There was a human person in the van when they swerved out of the way of another vehicle and collided with the car.

There are photo’s circling the internet showing the damage done to the Waymo van’s driver side, and the front end of the silver Honda sedan.

In Chandler, Ariz, the sedan was driving eastbound, when all of a sudden it had to swerve from hitting a car that was driving on the northbound side of the road.

In the midst of swerving out of the way, the sedan rammed into Google’s Waymo van. The van was driving on self-drive mode at the time of the crash.

People Wonder If Self-Driving Cars Are Safe Enough For The Road

According to reports, the person in the driver’s seat of the self-driving car went to the hospital with minor injuries.

To trucks were there for both vehicles due to damage from the crash.

Waymo has been testing their self-driving vehicles for some time in the suburbs of Chandler. Alphabet is the co-parent company of Google who is also in connection with Waymo.

With all of the incidents involving these particular vehicles in the past year, residents in Arizona are asking questions. One of the questions being is the technology ready for public testing.

Back in March, a woman was killed when a self-driving Uber ran her over while walking her bike. She was crossing a busy street.

In Chandler alone, there have been three crashes involving Waymo cars.

There is an order in place for the suspension of Uber cars that are self-driving. However, the order was not for all self-driving vehicles.

John Krafcik, the CEO of Waymo, said last month that he was confident that the technology from his company was strong enough to handle these situations.