Chinese Man Opens Emergency Door On Plane

According to recent reports, a Chinese man decided to open the emergency exit door of a plane due to feeling “stuffy.” Well, now he will have to pay a large fine for the incident.

25-year-old Chen was on the plane waiting for lift off when he says he was in need of “fresh air.” He was at the Mianyang airport which is located in Sichuan.

However, unbeknownst to Chen, the handle he was pulling apart of an emergency exit. After pulling on the lever, the door came free from the plane; the escape slide was deployed.

In an interview, Chen claims that he did not know that the door he was pulling on was the exit route for the aircraft. According to the young man, ” It was stuffy and hot on the plane.” The air quality as the reason for pushing down on what he thought was a window handle. As soon as the door fell out, the young Chinese man began to panic.

Soon after, he was detained by the police and was in jail for 15 days. He was under arrest for the removal of an aviation facility without authorization. He will also have to pay 70,000 yuan to the airline.

This is one of many safety incidents that includes Chinese travelers and emergency exits

Two years ago, there was an incident an involving a 30-year-old driver he had never been on an airplane before. The person in question decided to ignore the warnings from the cabin crew about opening the emergency exit.

The man was to serve seven days in jail and pay a fine of 500 yuan.
The year before, another man thought that the emergency escape handle was only a handrail. He had to spend ten days in jail. The same year someone else got in trouble for the same thing.

Due to the re-occurrence of the issue, the civil aviation industry in China has chosen to impose plenty of penalties for disturbing flights. Some of those include banning and blacklisting travelers.