Roundworms Cause Woman To Get Sick

What doctors found in a woman stomach was definitely a sight for sore eyes. 38-year old Sunita was visiting a hospital due to reoccurring pain in her abdomen. Also, for six months she was experiencing vomiting and a fever, plus a few bouts of jaundice.It wasn’t until after a CT scan did Sunita learn that her ailments were due to roundworms in her bile duct!

There were over a dozen live roundworms in the woman’s bile duct. They were all around 8 inches long. The young woman was able to receive treatment from surgeons at the Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, India.

Roundworms typically wind up in the gut of a human through eating something from soil that was contaminated. The eggs then reproduce.

After the operation, Sunita told reporters that the pain in her abdomen was dissipating. She goes on to say that there were times when she could not stand to walk. In only a month, the woman had lost more than 26 pounds.

Roundworms In Bile Duct Of Woman In India

Though she still needs time to recover from the operation, Sunita says that she feels a lot better. According to the head of gastroenterology, Sunita was complaining of extreme abdominal pain when came to the hospital. After undergoing her CT scan, doctors were able to confirm that the worms in the are of the body that connects the intestines with the liver.

An endoscopic procedure was able to reveal a decent amount of live roundworms in her bile duct. Though the task was not easy, they were able to remove all of the worms.

Though worms are common in intestines, it is not common for them to be in or around the bile duct.

Reports conclude with India has the most records of human deworming. Even so, 14 worms in one duct is astronomical.

This wasn’t the first hospital that Sunita came to looking for answers. Others ended up misdiagnosing the woman’s condition, prescribing her antibiotics.