Kanye West’s New Songs Cap Eventful Week

It’s been an eventful week for Kanye West. The rapper caused a stir following a flurry of tweets regarding President Donald Trump. Also, West dropped a pair of songs, including one called “Lift Yourself” on Friday, April 27.

The new tune is turning some heads. However, it’s not in the way you might think.

Kanye West Releases Interesting Pair Of Tracks

First off, the delivery of the track is unique. West tweeted out a link that brings people to an otherwise blank page with an MP3 file.

Second, it’s just a strange experience. It starts off simple enough, with a female voice singing over a chill beat. Then, after the hook, the song takes a turn.

The beat gets a little harder and then Kanye makes an appearance. He speaks over the beat, building hype for the following verse.

At last, West starts rapping, or maybe it’s better described as scatting. West spouts a few lines of nonsense featuring the words whoop, scoop, and poop. And then the song ends.

The song is meant to be a fake-out. Specifically, it appears aimed at Ebro Darden of Hot 97. Darden criticized Kanye West earlier in the week, and West mentioned Darden in a tweet preceding the song’s release.

Darden wasn’t alone in calling out Kanye this week, though. Many people took issue with the rappers continued support of United States President Donald Trump.

West made a song for those critics as well. West teamed up with Tip Harris, better known as T.I., for “Ye vs. The People”. The two rappers debate about President Trump, with West continuing to show his support.

Despite backlash from his fans, West isn’t backing down from his views. Fans were upset when West met with President Trump in December of 2016, shortly after the election. However, West has yet to waver on his support.

Some speculate that the West-Trump relationship is nothing but a publicity move for West. However, the constant support makes that notion a tough sell.