2018 NFL Draft Begins Thursday

One of America’s most anticipated sporting events is finally here. The 2018 NFL Draft begins Thursday night as hundreds of athletes hope to hear where their careers will get underway.

The draft will span three days, beginning Thursday, April 26 and ending on Saturday, April 28. Just one round, 32 picks, will happen Thursday. The second and third rounds are taking place Friday night, and rounds 4-7 on Saturday.

The NFL Draft brings a wealth of attention each spring. Analysts from different companies like ESPN and Bleacher Report spend months trying to predict the picks. However, there are always surprises.

Those surprises are what makes the draft such a big event. ESPN, NFL Network, and Fox will all televise the selections, making each day into a long production.

Quarterbacks Headline 2018 NFL Draft Class

Once again, quarterbacks are the most prominent talking point heading into the day. Signal-callers Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Baker Mayfield lead the way. Are all reportedly being considered by teams in the top five.

The first three teams to pick are the Cleveland Browns, the New York Giants, and the New York Jets. All three teams are expected to select quarterbacks with their first pick.

However, that leaves top prospect Saquan Barkley still on the board. Barkley, a running back from Penn State, is recognized as the best running back prospect in years.

If quarterbacks rule the top three, though, Barkley could fall to fourth, where the Browns pick again. For that reason, some think the Browns, who won zero games last year, could have an incredibly impactful draft.

Another aspect of the NFL Draft that always makes waves is trading. Teams always swap selections to try to get better players. These deals cause the experts to throw projections out the window and lead to more excitement.

Experts are linking several teams to potential draft-day trades. Still, that doesn’t mean anything will happen. Many suggest, though, that the quarterback-needing Buffalo Bills will move up to get one of the top QBs.

This year’s draft is taking place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Thursday’s first round begins at 8 p.m. Friday’s rounds start at 7 p.m., and Saturday’s action gets underway at noon.

In total, 256 players will hear their names called. Additionally, several undrafted players will undoubtedly sign contracts after the draft.