Car Deliveries Now Available Through Amazon

Amazon’s request last year for access to your home for inside package delivery was an exciting new leap. Now, the company is asking to do the same with your car.

This time, however, instead of using smart locks and cameras connected to the cloud, they want to use technology already in modern vehicles. Amazon is offering this service with the help of its new partnership with General Motors and Volvo. The service is starting today in 37 cities nationwide.

The service went through a beta test in California and Washington state for six months.

In the beginning, the service is only for those who have Amazon Prime. Another catch is you must have a GM or Volvo vehicle of a 2015 model year or newer with OnStar or Volvo on Call active. The plan is to include other automobile manufacturers over time according to Amazon.

Not all packages fit in the program, though. Deliveries over a specific weight or size or over $1,300 in value will be delivered the old-fashioned way. Items requiring signatures or those from third-party sellers don’t fit the program either. Amazon signed a two-year trial deal with Volvo and GM. The companies are looking to create a new convenience, not make more money off of this new feature.

How Does Delivery to Your Car Work?

The first step is adding your car to your Amazon Key app with a description of the vehicle. Amazon can only deliver to an automobile within a specific area of an address already registered with the company.

During any time, you can change the location of your package’s delivery. You can even block access to the car from your app. So if you need to run a quick errand, your package can still arrive at your backup location.

Amazon will be able to find your car through GPS and license plate information. The company says it doesn’t have access to the vehicle’s login details. Communication between the company and the vehicle is also encrypted.

It will be a challenge for Amazon deliveries since their target can now move. During the test, deliverers didn’t know the location of the vehicle until six hours before delivery.

Unlike the in-home delivery feature, this newest offer from Amazon will not have the added security of a video feed to check on the process. However, this also makes the option cheaper as there is no need to install an expensive security system.