Verne Troyer Falls Victim to Depression

Verne Troyer has, unfortunately, become the most recent in a long list of people in show business die at an early age. Troyer’s representatives released to the public that he was a fighter. Depression, however, got the best of Troyer at the age of 49.

The statement said that through the years, the actor fought a back-and-forth battle with depression. It goes on to state the seriousness of depression and suicide.

Even though the cause of death has not officially been released, it is assumed through the statement that the famed Austin Powers star took his own life. If it was in fact suicide, Troyer was not alone in his struggles. Others have succumbed to substance abuse, medical complications, and even suicide.

The Little People of America define dwarfism as a condition resulting in a fully grown height of 4’10 or shorter. Along with the decreased height, the condition brings with it orthopedic and other stresses often resulting in chronic pain. Those diagnosed with dwarfism often have many corrective surgeries and other treatment methods.

Depression Still Runs Rampant Through Hollywood, Verne Troyer is Just its Latest Victim

All of that can’t be easy for anyone. And Hollywood adds its own heaping of problems to the situation.

An article in the Hollywood Reporter showed the struggles faced by little people in Hollywood. 20 percent little people of the 10,000 in America live in Los Angeles. Even though many go into acting, a successful career isn’t always enough.

Star actor of “The Wizard,” David Rappaport, took his life while in the midst of his career. Those close to him said they had no idea of his depression before he committed suicide.
Then, Herve Villechaize in 1993 died of a self-inflicted gunshot. He stared in “Fantasy Island” and was Ricardo Montalban’s character’s sidekick. He left a note detailing his health problems related to his dwarfism. Many have also suffered substance abuse issues, LPA does note however that those with dwarfism are not predisposed to any substance abuse problems.

Tony Cox, an actor from “Bad Santa,” says that there are not nearly enough roles for the little people community in Hollywood. Every time there’s an opening, the competition is fierce, and the parts aren’t terrific either.

Before his death, Troyer was open to the public about his alcoholic problems. This included two trips to rehab after his rising fame due to the”Austin Powers” movies.