Kim Jong Un Suspends Weapons Testing

North Korea is suspending weapons testing, including that of missiles and nuclear weapons. The country’s leader Kim Jong Un announced Friday that the state is halting the process.

The North Korean leader stated that further tests are not necessary. While ceased testing sounds good at first, it could mean Kim believes they’re weapons are fully capable.

He added that the country’s next step is to build on denuclearization efforts.

North Korea Puts Weapons Testing On Hold

The announcement marks the second major news break from North Korea this week. Just days ago, news broke of a planned meeting between Kim and United States President Donald Trump.

President Trump responded to the reports of North Korea suspending weapons testing on social media site Twitter. He said the news was good for the world and that he is looking forward to his summit with Kim.

No official date is in place for President Trump’s meeting with the North Korean leader. Officials speculate that June is a reasonable estimation.

Trump tweeted that canceling the meeting, or leaving during, is still possible as well. He said that if it doesn’t prove beneficial, he won’t follow through.

North Korea previously tested nuclear weapons on six occasions. The country last performed a test in September of 2017. Many nations worldwide took issue with the testing. The United Nations even levied sanctions as a result late in 2017.

Kim has feuded with other world leaders over his nuclear experiments in the past. That includes a statement last year that the entire United States is within range of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Chinese and Japanese leaders are also welcoming the news of halted weapons testing. China, North Korea’s closest ally, plans to help North Korea improve world relations.

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, is hesitant to get excited about the news, however. He says that what comes next is vital. Abe wants to see “irreversible dismantlement” of North Korean missile programs.

Time will tell if the denuclearization happens, but the dialogue is underway. The picture will become more focused when Trump and Kim meet to discuss the issue further.