Panthers Star Thomas Davis Suspended

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis is already off to a rough start for the 2018 season. The National Football League is suspending Davis for the first four games of next season.

The three-time Pro Bowl selection (2015-2017) failed a drug test recently, resulting in the suspension. Davis took to Twitter to notify his fans of the suspension.

In the tweet posted Thursday, April 6, he states he is going through one of the most terrible days of his playing career. He adds that he works hard to do things the way he’s supposed to. Despite the suspension, however, he asks fans to know he is not a cheat.

In a video posted with the tweet, Davis explains also the cause of the suspension. He claims that supplements he has taken for years triggered the failed test. He also goes on to say he never tested positive for steroids or human growth hormone. Instead, the supplement in question was an estrogen blocker, according to Davis.

He added that there was never an intention to create an unfair competitive edge on his part.

Thomas Davis Suspended For Portion Of Final Season

Before the announcement of the suspension, Davis made it known the upcoming season will be his last. In January, he said will retire after 2018. The suspension of four games will reduce his final NFL year to 12 games, barring an injury.

Davis’ career is a remarkable one if only for what he has gone through injury-wise. The 35-year-old has suffered three torn anterior cruciate ligament injuries. A torn ACL is often considered one of the most severe injuries in sports. It typically causes players to miss 6-9 months.

The Panthers star suffered the injury in three straight seasons, though, in 2009, 2010, and 2011. When he returned to the Panthers in 2012, he made history. Davis became the first athlete to return to his sport’s highest league after three ACL tears.

The Panthers drafted Thomas Davis in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He has played his entire career, 13 seasons, for Carolina.