Bezos of Amazon Declines to Respond to Trump

Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive of Inc, has meticulously crafted his image, shunning the spotlight when possible.

However, the billionaire was shoved into the limelight this past week due to the string of attacks by President Trump.

Bezos’s response is simply to give the silent treatment.

Trump has lashed out at Amazon via six tweets during one week over taxes, use of the U.S. Postal Service and its effect on other retailers. He also attacked the Washington Post, which Bezos owns as well, calling it a lobbying arm.

According to the president’s advisers, his remarks are largely from his increasing unhappiness with his administration’s coverage by the Washington Post and its owner.

Bezos is Careful of What He Says and Does in Front of the Public

Before the election, Bezos made critical comments of Trump but has made no other public critiques of him since his election. Some see this as a strategy of those playing the long game.

Certain CEOs have responded to Trump’s criticizing such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Randall Stephenson of AT&T Inc. Meanwhile, other CEOs have publically criticized some of Trump’s actions. Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. went after Trump’s ban on travelers from certain other countries.

Treading carefully in politics, Bezos has made few public donations such as to a so-called Dreamer scholarship in January. He is rarely found in public or on social media.

Months before the election, Bezos responded to one of Trump’s tweets by offering a ride on a spaceship, starting the #sendDonaldtospace hashtag.

Amazon Executives are aware of the public view of their growing dominance as it expands globally and into consumer’s lives. With Whole Foods, Hollywood and possible health care services, the company is certainly growing in power. They are also creating tens of thousands of new jobs, including at a second headquarters.

Experts say there is little Trump can do to regulate Amazon further. Even though the company’s share price decreased by 8% due to Trump’s attack, many say it will rebound once the president moves on.

Those in Amazon don’t seem too bothered. Though the tweets are a topic of discussion, no one is concerned. While the drop of the stocks was annoying, the consensus is simply to ignore the tweets as they expect them to end soon.

A lot of Trump’s tweets tend to focus on the Washington Post articles he disliked. Fred Ryan, Chief Executive of the Journal, says that they do not consult Bezos on the news or editorial decisions.