NHL Recruits Snoop Dogg For Video Series

It’s no secret that the National Hockey League is the least popular among the four major United States sports league. However, the NHL is finding help to catch the National Football League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. That help comes in the form of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg. It turns out Snoop is a big hockey fan, and the NHL is using that to their advantage.

The league, trying to get people excited for the NHL Playoffs, teamed up with the rapper to create a series of videos. The playoffs start April 11, and the videos will roll out throughout the event.

The videos will appear on NHL social media pages and the NHL’s website, NHL.com. The hockey league is hoping a well-known figure can help them reach fans they usually wouldn’t.

NHL Hoping Snoop Dogg Attracts New Fans

It may not seem like an obvious match, but there a few better-known celebrities than Snoop. It helps that the music mogul is a legitimate fan, as well.

The idea for the videos first came about at last year’s NHL All-Star game. Snoop Dogg was in attendance and enjoying himself. From there, the NHL saw an opportunity. The league knew a partnership would at least bring some fun publicity, if not a few new fans.

The purpose of the short films is to explain some of hockey’s more complex rules. For those that don’t follow actively, the game can be a tad confusing. To help ease the confusion, Snoop explains the rules in a series called “Snoop 101.”

Snoop will explain everything from the meaning of different lines, different penalties, and even hockey slang. Instead of a straight-forward lesson, the NHL is opting for a fun t

The videos promise to be not only hilarious but informative. The NHL is hoping people come for the rapper/actor/comedian, and stay for the hockey.