Carolina Reaper Chili Sends Man To Hospital

After participating in a hot chili pepper eating contest, a young man had to go to the hospital. The pepper that caused the man’s pain was the one and only Carolina Reaper.

The Carolina Reaper is one, if not the most, hottest peppers in the world.

After ingesting the potent chili, the man began to dry heave excessively. Days after, he was still in agony. He was experiencing extreme neck pain and constant headaches. The headaches and pain would only last seconds at a time.

As the pain became unbearable, the young man finally decided to go to the hospital. Though many tests were run by medical staff, they all can back negative for any neurological conditions.

Nonetheless, medical staff did perform a CT that showed that a number of arteries in the man’s brain were very narrow. They were able to diagnose him with reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS) or thunderclap.

When it comes to RCVS, anything can trigger the syndrome. According to reports, symptoms can arise from taking different prescription drugs or drugs off the street.

This is the first time someone had gotten RCVS from eating a hot chili pepper. However, there have been cases of cayenne pepper causing the narrowing of coronary arteries, thus causing heart attacks.

Dr. Noah Rosen, who works as the director of Northwell Health’s Headache Center in Great Neck, N.Y. had someone to say on the matter.

He says that constriction of blood vessels in the brain are reversible but very dangerous. Also, that medications such as stimulants and antidepressant can cause vessels in the brain to constrict. Now, doctors believe that peppers can as well.

Dr. Noah goes on to say that it is best to eliminate the offending agent. He suggests thinking twice about eating a pepper that dons the title world’s hottest pepper.

Fortunately, the symptoms the man was having went away without the need for medicine. Also, that a CT scan five weeks after coming to the hospital showed the arteries in his brain are back to where they should be.