Weight Loss: Dieting VS Exercise

Losing weight can be difficult for a variety of reasons. And many don’t even know where to begin when they want to lose weight. Should they focus on exercise or dieting, which one will help more?

Many studies show how exercise is the best aspect to focus on while trying to lose weight. The main reason for this is that you have the opportunity to be more on top of your exercise habits than your eating habits. Simply put, it’s easier to overcome laziness than it is random hunger pangs. The main supporters of this theory are fitness enthusiasts.

According to research, it’s a good idea to have 20 percent of your day to be exercise. Exercising is important for fat loss. While dieting does help, exercising burns the calories rather than just avoiding them.

Working out has many other benefits. With a regimented schedule, you can get better sleep, a faster metabolism, less stress and cholesterol levels.

For short term weight loss, diet. For longer lasting results, exercise is the way to go

However, some people find that changing food habits is simpler than waking up extra early for exercise. A caution for the wise, this fix is usually only short term. The moment you change your habits back to ‘normal’, it’s most likely that your weight will return with the habits. It is a good idea, however, to keep a healthy diet to match your activity

If time is of the essence in losing weight, diet plans are the way to go. Dietary modification works faster than any workout. If you want something longer lasting, exercise is your best bet. It takes more work and time, but the benefits stay longer.

Experts claim it is best to begin with both exercise and dieting. In order to lose weight, some lifestyle changes will be in order. It can be a daunting task, but once a routine is started and is stuck with it can do wonders. Keeping to a reasonable plan both for diet and exercise is a great step in losing weight.