Aguilera Speaks On Female Empowerment

For the cover of Paper magazine, Christina Aguilera wiped away all the product to have a make-up free look. The songwriter also talked about many things from fashion, to sexuality, to female empowerment.

Aguilera has had many looks throughout the years. Leather chaps, platinum hair with black highlights and even old Hollywood glam. Her latest style seems to be a more minimalist look.

The actress stated that she’s always loved to experiment with a variety of things. She adores theatrics and creating a story-line and play a character through video or stage. After all, she is a performer by nature. However, she stated that even with that in mind, she appreciates the freedom to be at home in her raw beauty.

Aguilera hopes that the new generation of artists feel comfortable to also take on the minimalist look. She wants people to be able to have a semblance of comfort and boldness in their own skin. Aguilera mentioned Cardi B, in particular, saying her personality is so genuine and that she has a great sense of personable humor.

Aguilera Advocates for LGBTQ Community And Other Marginalized Groups

During her cover shoot, Aguilera also talked about new artists and how her introduction was a controversial time for her. She mentioned how no matter what they do, women are usually under fire. They can be not sexual enough, or too reserved, not being enough of a fantasy for the public. On the flip side, if women are seen as too sexual or have a feeling of empowerment, they are shamed for it.

Recently, Aguilera has stepped up to support the LGBTQ community as well as advocate for shameless sexuality and individual expression. She also recently received a GLAAD Award for “Beautiful” one of her newer music videos.

For social media, the star points out that there are always going to be those who fight back, no matter your message. But there will also be good and light. She believes that now is when we are seeing this divide more than ever. Everyone has their own idea of ideal beauty, but society is making a push at changing certain norms.

Aguilera’s advice for the next generation is to break new boundaries without fear. She hopes they don’t let fear of criticism hold them back from what they believe is right.