Rugby Player Found Dead in Bermuda

This past weekend, a student from St. Joseph’s University went missing in Bermuda. Monday, Police found his body. Mark Dombroski, the 19-year-old freshman and rugby player, was last seen on Saturday.

Bermuda Police Service said they would deliver a more detailed statement as information came in.

Mark Dombroski’s body found two days after he went missing during rugby trip

Dombroski was in Bermuda for the Ariel Re Bermuda International 7’s to play rugby. The last place others saw him was the Dog House Bar on Saturday around midnight local time. Camera feed shows him on his phone, walking down a road around 1:15 am.

Police say Dombroski did not seem to make it to the place where he was staying. Evidence shows him walking in the opposite direction of his team’s base. There is no evidence that Dombroski was intoxicated during the time he went missing.

There is unclear news as to where authorities found his body. Although, Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment are focusing their search around Devonshire, located in the center of Bermuda, for the time being.

The cause of death for Mark Dombroski is not yet available to the public. Police state they are using the island’s CCTV footage as a part of their investigation into the case.

The college freshman would have left for home on Sunday according to authorities. While his teammates flew back to the United States, Dombroski’s parents and two brothers, made their way to Bermuda. They wanted to help out in the search for Mark.

Just hours before the announcement of the discovery of Dombroski’s body, his mother pleaded for his safe return. In her speech, Dombroski’s mother mentioned how much they loved and cherished him. She said she just wants him back. She also thanked the citizens of Bermuda and their constant support of them through the entire process.