Food And Drug Administration On Tobacco Policies

An unexpected move by the Food and Drug Administration has plans to change the levels of nicotine in cigarettes. They’re doing so in hopes to make them less addictive to consumers. This news has lots of people in shock. Doctor Scott Gottlieb, the Food and Administration Commissioner, came to the conclusion on Thursday. He says that their agency would have to change the nicotine by opening a lengthy bureaucratic process before it’s approval.. Tobacco products in the U.S. were only regulated in early 2009. The Food and Drug Administration Commissioners say this will be their boldest change yet against. Mainly, against companies that produce cigarettes.

Since 2009, this recent milestone will put them on the right track to achieve one of the most prominent public health victories ever. It will result in saving millions of lives hopefully worldwide. The only thing the Food and Drug Administration Commissioners worry about the possible change to come is the unforeseen consequences.

Food and Drug Administration Working On Better Tobacco Policies

As apart of the FDA plans on the nicotine and tobacco regulations, an announcement mid-year 2017 says the problems on cigarettes with high nicotine levels are high. They they propose a change to explore products with lower levels of nicotine in cigarettes. Also, those with non-addictive levels reports Doctor Scott Gottlieb.

The new regulation path advances an acceptable policy that they honestly believe will help avoid millions from tobacco usage. In 2009 Congress did give some the power to the FDA over tobacco products sold in America. However, the Food and Drug Administration still can not entirely ban tobacco products.

Although, with the ability, the FDA was granted there were able to set some fundamental limits on sales of tobacco marketing in America. If the new plan does go through to Congress and the change does come, this could be great both short term and long term for Americans. The Food and Drug Administration will keep putting in the efforts of the better healthier, and longer-lived lives in the United States.