Stephen Hawking Passes Away At 77

One of the best selling authors and a Cambridge University physicist that was confined to a wheelchair his whole life Stephen W. Hawking died early morning Wednesday, March 14, 2018. People know him for his work when it came to gravity and the ways of the universe. Stephen W. Hawking died at the age of only seventy-six years old. Many will remember him as a very smart person full of curiosity of all aspects of life.

In England on an early morning he was dead in his home says a spokesperson of Stephen W. Hawking family. Hawking was a prominent member of Cambridge University, and fellow member say that they will miss him dearly. Only a few hours after Mr. Hawking took his last breath it was confirmed by the Cambridge University of his death.

Stephen Hawking Dies At 77

Many people would say Stephen W. Hawking was like the modern Albert Einstein. They believe that no other scientist has had the same effect as Hawking. Also, he was a respectable professor of theoretical physics at the University of New York. Physicist Stephen W. Hawking showed his work through a book he wrote called “A Brief History Of Time: Beginning the Big Bang to Black Holes.” The book he wrote came out in 1988 and is still a best seller today. . A Brief History Of Time: Beginning the Big Bang to Black Holes has sold more than ten million copies and has even inspired documentaries filmed by director Errol Morris.

Physicist Stephen W. Hawking had a fantastic career he graduated in 1963. Later in his life after graduating, he discovered he had the neuromuscular wasting disease ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. At that time the doctors on his case said he only has a few years to live, but he outlived anyone expectations, says the spokesperson.