Weapon Exports Go To Middle East

Almost half of the weapon exports from the United States over the last five years have gone to the war-stricken middle east. Saudi Arabia has been stengtheing their country as the second largest importer of the United States reports show.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports the world’s transfer of dangerous weapons systems is increasing. Between 2013 and 2017, the number saw an increase of 10 percent. The increasing numbers have been at an all-time high compared to the last five years. In the past two decades, reports show that the increase of deadly weapon systems is only getting bigger and wort over time.

United States Provides Most Weapon Exports Worldwide

The worlds biggest exporter of weapons is the United States of America. Their sales have increased by 25 percent in record time. The United States has supplied arms to nearly one hundred states worldwide. That accounts for one-third of the world’s exports. Russia is currently reporting as the second largest exporter of guns in the  entire world. Recently, Russia saw a  seven percent decrease in its overall amount of arms exports. In America, there has been 58 percent more than the weapons in Russia.

In the top five countries in terms of deadliest arms in the world include China, Germany, and France. The United Kingdom comes in sixth place regarding the most significant exports of weapons. The director of the military expenditure program says the United States has reached its highest rates of weapon supplying since the late 1990s.

Due to contracts from 2017, this will not chance anytime soon, unfortunately. The United States will remain a top weapons exporter for years to come. The Middle East, a region known for continuous strife, represents 32 percent of global weapons imports. This too is unlikely to change due to a continuing supply from the United States.