Meth Causes Woman To Pull Out Her Eyes

According to reports, while high on meth, a woman gouged her eyeballs out thinking it would bring her closer to God. 20-year-old Kaylee Muthart said in an interview that it all began after smoking marijuana and drinking. Those two things led her too hard drugs while in school.

Muthart says that in the summer of 2017, she smoked marijuana that might have been laced with cocaine or meth. She later chose to drop out of school and left her job and relationship.

Though she was able to obtain other jobs, in August, she began experimenting with Meh, to the point she began to pick her fast. Due to the embarrassment of her looks, she lost those jobs, too.

Meth Causes Woman To Tear Out Her Own Eyes On The Street

With all the failing attempts to work, Muthart chose to turn to the Bible, thinking that the meth was bringing her closer to the lord. It wasn’t until a failed intervention from her mother did everything else fall apart.

She said to interviewers that she doesn’t know how she came to the conclusion, but unless she ripped out her eyes, everything around her would end. She pushed her thumb, pointer, and middle finger into each eye socket. While gripping her eyeballs, she began to twist and pull at each eye until they came out. She says that it was the hardest thing she ever did. Fortunately for her, the drugs numbed the pain.

If it weren’t for a pastor intervening, she says that she would have kept going until she reached her brain.

People on the streets could not believe what they were seeing. Ever since the incident, Mutharys says that he has been clean from drugs. She now has a GoFundme Account in place to purchase a seeing-eye dog.