Nun Drops Dead While In Court

Katy Perry has been a part of a years-long dispute over and 8-acre former convent against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Well, while in court over the matter, one nun died in the courtroom. Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was 89 year’s old when she collapsed on the court during the post-judgment hearing over the matter.

The fight over the proper first began after Holzman, and other nuns sold the estate back in 2015 to Dana Hollister. However, the archdiocese says that the nuns were not in the right to sell the land. So instead they approved for Perry to own the land, though Hollister was already living on the property.

A Nun Who Was Fighting Against Katy Perry Dies While In Court

A judge ruled in the archdiocesPerry’s favor and awarded her and his millions from Hollister. After hearing of her death, Archbishop José Gomez released a statement on Holzman. In the statement, he says that he was sad to hear of her passion. Also, that he will be doing a Mass for the repose of her soul.

Not too long before her death, Holzman was a part of an interview with local news. In the interview, her and Sister Rita Callanan says that they were at the court on behalf of the Vatican. Holzman was pleading with Perry to not pursue the purchase of the property.

According to reports, the nuns bought the 8-acre property in 1972 after pulling their funds together. However, in 2011 the archdiocese made them move.

In an interview back in 2015, Holzman said one of the main issues with Perry buying the property was them not receiving a penny for sale. The money was brokered without and involvement of the nuns.

Hollister, on the other hand, paid the nuns directly. A different nun was more so worried about the singer in general.