High Tech Voice Assistant Alexa Laughing

Amazon high tech voice assistant Alexa is one of the top-selling technology around the world. Although, lately it had been getting a bad rap because it is letting out a creep cackle out of nowhere when you talk to Alexa.

It has been reported to Amazon & Google that sometimes Alexa creepy laugh goes off even when you don’t speak to her. Amazon high tech voice assistant Alexa laugh sounds like a witch cackling. Other times that voice assistant Alexa laughs when you ask to play music or report the weather.

Amazon has reported that they are not completely aware of the creepy laugh Alexa is doing. However, they are working on fixing this problem as soon and easy as possible. They think that in some cases the voice assistant may be misunderstanding some of the phrases. Reports with an understanding of saying Alexa laugh, which then she would laugh.

New High Tech Voice Assistant Alexa By Amazon Belting Out Random Laughs

“We are in the process of changing the short expression Alexa, can you laugh, so the laughing will ultimately stop in any false positives,” says Amazon. Alexa’s responses will also now be sure I can laugh,” then she will laugh. All of their customers are experiencing a creepy witch laughing coming from their Alexa. However, now she will give a small phrase before she lets out a chuckle.

The company is keeping the Amazon high tech voice assistant wake responses the same. She will answer only to Amazon or Alexa. Unfortunately, they were unable to change her wake up phrase. They are getting complaints of her laughing without the customer saying Amazon or Alexa. “We are sorry for any conveniences this is causing anyone, and we are taking care of the issues as you read this article,” reports Amazon.