Ozon The Orangutan Smoking Cigarettes

Ozon, an endangered Bornean orangutan at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia, is making headlines yet again. There is a video circulating of the animal smoking a cigarette that came from a visitor. It is clear in the video that he is smoking because puffs of smoke come out of his mouth.

There are signs at the zoo warning patrons not to feed or give the animals cigarettes to smoke. Police have been notified of the incident. Due to unsanitary conditions and how they treat their animals, people refer to the zoo as “death zoo.” There is currently a petition on Change.org to have the zoo closed permanently.

Ozon, The Smoking Orangutan Back At It Again

Due to loss of land and the hunting of the animal, the Bornean orangutan is endanger of extinction. This specific animal is on a list at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The agreement states that it is illegal for anyone to sell any part of these animals across international waters, including live orangutans.

A study from 2013 says that in the last 40 years, 50 percent of the orangutans from around the world are now dead. These animals are the largest mammals that spend a great deal of time in trees.

Ozon is not the only mammal smoking in Indonesia. Back in 2012, Tori, another endangered orangutan was no longer able to be around visitors. The reason was due to visitors tossing her cigarettes. She and her companion were had to transfer to a different part of the zoo.

Shortly after the move Tori gave birth. The infant has the name of the mayor who was in charge at the time. The zoo’s location is Surakarta, Indonesia. The mayor at the time was Jodo Widodo, the current president of the country.