Whoopi Goldberg At The Oscars

Everyone knows that the all-time loved Whoopi Goldberg has won countless Academy Awards on her own. She has always been one to make history. One of the films she is rooting for to make some history is the movie Get Out. Whoopi Goldberg has been rooting for this life-changing movie since it came out. However, She was hoping it would be the biggest on the telecast.

Whoopi Goldberg is not the only  Academy Award winner that are rooting for this film. Even Ryan Seacrest says it deserves to be in the running. Get Out is a groundbreaking, iconic movie by Jordan Peele. Ryan Seacrest says she is pulling for them to take home an award. One of the prizes that come to mind is top honors Best Picture award. They leave this award for the end of the night.

Whoopi Goldberg Rooting For Get Out

The surprising part of the movie Get Out for most of all is it was a funny movie, it was also scary. It was a mix of all emotions. Get Out is very educational for people watching it the first time.

The Shape of Water is one of the movies that is also favored to win a prize at the top honors tonight at Independent Spirit Awards. Unfortunately, the film that is in the same running as Get Out is the intelligent social thriller. However, the movie is considered as an underdog.  Although, since 2015 the Spirit Awards winners have been winning the Best Picture Awards as well.

Get Out has nominations for Jordan Peele in the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay categories. Star Daniel Kaluuya is in the Best Actor category. Whoopi Goldberg, who is one of the few people on the planet able to call themselves an EGOT winner became the second black woman to win an Oscar for acting in the award’s history for her performance in the movie Ghost made in 1990.