Rick Crawford In Court For Enticing Young Child

Rick Crawford, a former NASCAR Truck series driver, is currently in jail on charges of attempting to entice a minor. Crawford, who is 59, will come in front of a judge on Thursday at Orlando’s U.S. District Court.

The former NASCAR Truck series driver had been communicating with an undercover agent, who was posing as a 12-year-old girl. The two met off of a Craigslist ad. He was going to pay the “young girl” for oral sex and intercourse. However, at the time of the meetup, Crawford was apprehended by federal agents.

In the complaint from federal agents, the ad was for people looking for a dark, taboo experience. The agent who came up with the ad was able to get Crawford to agree to pay to have sex with his “daughter.” Crawford then sent a text saying that he wants for the young girl to be wearing no clothes and ready for sex. He as going to pay between $50-75 for the acts. Crawford asked for photos of the girl who he was going to be meeting. He also told the agent that he could watch.

Rick Crawford, Former NASCAR Truck Series Driver, Under Arrest For Enticing Young 12-Year Old Girl

In the complaint, it says that Rick Crawford denied to officials after being under arrest that he was meeting anyone underage. He went on to say that though he was allegedly speaking to a 12-year old girl, that he didn’t believe the situation was real. He says that he went to see if the father did have a 12-year old daughter. However, he says that he would not have gone through with the exchange if she was indeed underage.

Crawford was a part of 13 full seasons with the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. During the series, he was able to win five times.