Walmart Super Centers To Sell Guns To Those 21

In the U.S, two of the highest gun sellers are  Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart Super centers. However, they have taken a different direction to limit the of sale of firearms.  Especially at this time in America where everyone is in the middle of polarizing the debate over gun control. Walmart Super center is the number one gun seller in America. Recently, they made a big announcement.

Walmart Super center has decided not to sell any firearms to anyone under the age of twenty-one.

They will so not sell anymore air guns that resemble assault-style rifles. The news hit the headlines late Wednesday afternoon in hopes for other companies to follow their example.

Not much time after Walmart Super center came out with their decision did Dick’s Sporting Center announced their changes as well. Dick’s Sporting Goods says it was a quick decision to end all sales when it comes to any assault-style rifles in all of their stores. Another change is that they will no longer be selling magazines with high capacity.

They also promised to only sell to buyers that are at least the age of twenty-one years old regardless of the law in the United States. In America the law state that eighteen-year-old’s can purchase any firearms which include semiautomatic rifles. Although under federal laws it states to buy any handgun from a firearms dealer you have be at least twenty-one.

All the news of the changes within both Walmart Super Centers and Dick’s Sporting Goods came just weeks after the deadly shooting at another high school in America. Seventeen students and staff lost their lives after a young man shoot up the Parkland Florida high school. People all around the U.S. say this is the first most significant action taken on the firearms in corporate America. Both retailers say their decisions came after the shootings that are killing America’s youth.