Putin Testing Nuclear Weapons, Threatens U.S.

In recent world news, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has developed capable nuclear weapons. He has not only been producing the nuclear weapons but testing them. He is hoping to outmaneuver the United States of America. The newest line of dangerous strategic threats by Putin suggests a first arms race between the west and Moscow. Vladimir Putin spoke nationally in Russia discussing his countries political elite just weeks before America’s presidential election. Moments after the president of Russia Vladimir Putin made his announcements he shaded a video that left people speechless. The video shared recordings of animations of the underwater drones, ICBMs, nuclear-powered cruise missiles, and other deadly weapons.

Russia Threatening U.S. With Nuclear Weapons

After the president of Russia shared the videos, he announced that Russia developed deadly weapons. He added that they are developing the weapons as a result of the U.S. pulling out of a treaty. The United States previously left an anti-ballistic missile treaty they had with Russia starting in 1972. The last time the United States of America used their anti-ballistic missile was back in 1972 killing thousands of people. During his speech with Russia, he said that the United States did not listen to his threats on Thursday. Putin said it is now time for America to pay attention to Russia.

There are several weapons that Russia is threatening the United States with. They include nuclear missiles, Satan 2, and RS-28 Sarmat. Some are already in the testing process. President Putin said he was not upset when the United States announced they were leaving the treaty in 2001. However, it seems the opposite is now true. Vladimir Putin’s speech was announced in the same month as the Pentagon launched their newest nuclear weapons policy. Right after they released the new system President Donald Trump of the United States of America followed on the promise to develop more weapons. He plans to build an arsenal so powerfully and robust, it will deter any acts of aggression.