Migos Leave 300 Entertainment For New Label

In 2014, 300 Entertainment music label had signed three rappers a music deal. The up and coming superstars we now know as Migos are the group in mention. Right now, the Migos are with their current label Quality Control Music. So far, they have been very successful. The three rappers are all from Atlanta Georgia. After becoming one of the hottest groups in the music industry, they have chosen to switch labels.

However, the three  rappers did not have the best relationship with 300 entertainment music label. After a while, the music label and Migos relationship started to be soured. Also, began having personal issues. Due to their differences, the rap group are now under the label Quality Control.

Migos No Longer With 300 Entertainment

A story covered by Weekly Entertainment says that Migos music started to be affected by their relationship with 300 entertainment music label. Executives Pierre Thomas and Kevin Lee says Migos spoke about the problems that came about with the group under 300 Entertainment. The trio were very happy about being able to part ways with the company. They were with 300 Entertainment for four years. The group says that there were many things going wrong while under the level. However, the worst was feelings as though they didn’t have any leverage or leeway.

Offset, one of the Migos rappers said it was one of the most significant hurdles in their business relationship with that company is wanting to be something that they were so against.  He says that they had plenty of ups but more downs with that music company. Their relationship with the label is still sour.

300 Entertainment music label was preventing the Migos from seeing any financial returns from their performances and new releases. Without seeing what they were making on a daily made it hard to trust 300 Entertainment. This was going on for 18 months.