NRA Continues To Lose Endorsements

The National Rifle Association or NRA has been losing all kinds of endorsements over the weekend. It all began after a Florida school shooter shot and killed 17 students. Young activist around the U.S. has been boycotting the association.

Members of the NRA will soon not be able to make purchases using their NRA-branded Visa cards as with other, other perks.

According to those in the group, businesses deciding not to work with them are doing so it means to punish them. They know that there are people in the group who are doctors, lawyers, nurses, school teachers and so on.

When it came to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas on Valentines Day, the group blamed everyone but themselves. They blamed the school for not preparing for an attack from a gunman. Nikolas Cruz, the gunman in question, did buy is Ar-15 rifle legally. People who knew the gunman tried to contact authorities before the event.

The NRA Continues To Lose Endorsements Over The Weekend

The group says that they will not let business deter them from their mission. They will continue to defend the freedom to bare arms.

The NRA believes that the withdrawal of member benefits will not last long. There are other companies that continue to support the group. SOme companies ditching the group are Delta, Enterprise, and Hertz.

The group chose to break away from what they usually do after a school shooting and are on the attack. Spokespeople all over the state are defending their pro-gun message. President Trump is on recording suggesting for schools to allow their teachers to carry firearms. During his 2016 campaign, he received millions in contributions from the NRA.

Activists from around the country have been staging demonstrations against the U.S. gun policy. One protest, March for Our Lives will occur during March.