World’s Largest Brain Tumor Removed

Doctors have removed a brain tumor that was the size of a human head from a patient in India. On February 22, 2018, Indian doctors gave some of the details of the patient’s journey from the surgery and getting his tumor removed. The patient is a young 31-year-old man that has been a resident of India his whole life.

The man had a massive two-kilogram tumor on the back of his head removed in Mumbai, India. Reports from the surgeons say it is the largest head tumor of any person in the world. The day of the surgery was on February 14th, 2018 at the Nair Hospital in Mumbai. Also, the doctors, nurses, surgeons and other staff say that the operation took seven hours in total. Doctors at the facility shared with the local newscast that the procedure of this young man was a success.

Brain Tumor Successfully Removed

Santlal Pal is the 31-year-old patient who endured the seven-hour removal of the two-kilogram growth. However, Pal has almost fully recovered the doctors who worked on his tumor said. Srikanth Balasubramaniam is the senior surgeon who was apart of the surgical team at the Mumbai hospital. He says the growth on Pal’s head was so massive it was as if he had another human head attached to his own.

The hardest and the most time-consuming part of the whole procedure was the sheer size of the tumor its self, says Srikanth Balasubramaniam. Balasubramaniam also includes another important reason is that the growth had so many large arteries going entirely through the head.

On record the largest tumor recorded was 1.4 kilograms and removal of that brain tumor was also successful. Removal of the 1.4-kilogram brain tumor also took place at the Nair Hospital in Mumbai, India. In Santlal Pal’s case, his almost two-kilo brain tumor started to affect his vision. The patient is also anemic and weak, but doctors say he should regain his health as well as his vision once he recovers.