Antidepressants Work For Treating Depression

People in the medical field have been wondering for some time if antidepressants work to improve overall mental health. An extensive, recent study has found that antidepressants do work. Now, the debate can ease some because the proof is in the hundreds of studies done. The research that is supporting this idea involved well over hundred thousand people.

The evidence came with over five hundred and twenty-two trials. They found twenty-one commonly used anti-depressants were effective to increase overall mental health in their patients. The twenty-one regularly used antidepressants were more effective at decreasing acute depression. More so, even than the leading dummy pills as doctors would call them.

Antidepressants Work For Treating Depression

The various research proved a big difference between each of the twenty-one commonly used anti-depressants and how effective each drug to each. The well over five hundred multiple studies done on anti-depressants showed that many people suffering from mental issues could benefit from the medication.

In just 2016, there were almost sixty-seven million prescriptions of medicines for people struggling with mental health troubles in England. That number has more than doubled since early 2006. For that very reason, people should look into the study that came out in the Lancet.

Thankfully most of the trails from the study support the proper proof that anti-depressants are better than placebos. The authors of the research at the Royal College of Psychiatrists say the debate on the medication for mental health troubles could finally end the controversy of whether they work or not.

Depression at any age or gender can be a daily or even an hourly struggle. Getting the proper medication may be a lifeline for the hope to live a happy, safe life. Most regularly used prescription anti-depressants can work for someone with a very mild case of depression. Also for those with severe cases.