Mike Fisher And Carrie Underwood Still Happy

Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood’s husband, was sure to set the record straight on where he and his wife currently stand in their relationship. There have been rumors going around recently that two’s marriage was becoming rocky.

Fisher, a Canadian athlete, also recently announced that he would be returning to the rink to play with the Nashville Predators. The couple have been married since back in 2010. Also, they had their first child in 2015.

A few days ago, on his Instagram account, Fisher posted an image and a quote from Psalm 139:23-24. The quote said, ” Search me God and know my heart. Test me, and know my anxious thoughts.” He said in the post that this had become his new favorite verse. He reminds himself of these words on a daily basis.

Mike Fisher And Carrie Underwood’s Marriage Still Going Strong

However, his followers did not take long to post well-wishes to the couple. Some were saying that they were praying for the couple as well.

Only a month ago Carrie was on social media gushing over the fact that her man was coming back to play in the NHL. Also, that needs to bring home the Stanley Cup.

In her post, she said that it was going down! Her “Fish” was going back into the game, and she can’t wait to see him play. Many of her followers were happy to see the news and were sure to post their joy for the happy couple.

From the years 2011 to 2017 Fisher was playing for the Predators. IN 2016 is was captain of the team. Well, it was short lived because only a year later he announced that he would be retiring. He was apart of the NHL for 17 years.

There was a story going around that Carrie did not agree with his decision to retire. However, there is evidence that those rumors were false.