Barack Obama At Sports Analytical Conference

Not everyone would think that Barack Obama would be attending a sports analytics conference. Although, to some of the organizers of the sports analytics conference who convinced the former president of the United States to attend the event said it was a no-brainer. The co-founder of the sports analytics conference Jessica Gelman says that everyone that was involved with the planning of the event knew that Barack Obama is a huge sports fan. Plus, he is great at making important decisions on leveraging analytics.

The sports analytics conference was yesterday in Boston the week of February 20, 2018. The sports events were at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and the former US President Barack Obama will be one of the many unique speakers that night.

Barack Obama To Speak At Sports Conference

Gelman came about in early 2016 after a successful run with Kraft Sports group.They own the New England Patriots. Jessica Gelman is now the CEO of the Kraft Analytics Group. Her name has been in the sports world for some time now. She is also the co-founder of the conference with Daryl Morey and the General Manager of the NBA’s Houston Rockets. Even so, Daryl Morey and Jessica Gelman told the local news that they are always coming up with new things for the sports events.

They are estatic to have Barack Obama as a part of this upcoming sports event. According to Gelman, he is innovative when it comes to sports in America. For 2018, they are expecting over three thousand attendees and thirty-seven panels. Some of the other unique high profile speakers include Jeremy Lin, Ted Leonsis, Steve Ballmer. Also, Alex Rodgriguez will speak. The 2018 sports analytics conference has been the most in-demand ever. However, they have ticket requests coming in from all over the U.S. and it excites them.