KFC Running Out Of Chicken Worldwide

Yes, you heard it right Kentucky Fried Chicken is running out of chicken! The KFC food chain that is around the world has been running out of their delicious finger licking chicken in the United Kingdom. The Kentucky Fried Chicken has had to close down hundreds of their restaurants in the UK.

The reason being, snafu has completely stopped delivering their chickens. Almost nine hundred KFC restaurant locations in the UK have closed in just Britain on Monday. Some of the Kentucky Fried Chicken food chains were able to stay open until the afternoon. However, still had to close until they got more chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken food chain business is really suffering their loses at this point in time, which was reported on their website.

YUM companies owns the KFC food chain along with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

The CEO of KFC and other food chains says the shortage of chicken has been due to a few different minor problems. Mainly, with their new delivery partner. They send out their DHL foods. In a statement by Kentucky Fried Chicken, they say that they will not compromise on the quality of their finger licking chicken. Unfortunately, some of their much needed meat deliverers did not come. For that reason, they had to close some of their restaurants for the time being.

Some of our other KFC food chains are still operating with shorter hours and limited menus. DHL foods has acknowledged all the late and incomplete delivers it has had over this period of time. The delivery food company says it is due to operational issues. They are working with Kentucky Fried Chicken to solve all the problems the proper way. There are ninety-fiver KFC franchiesees in the United Kingdown area and we will up and running in no time, says KFC CEO.