Warning Signs Missed With Nikolas Cruz

America needs action for their children and their safety while at school. It is the eighth time in just 2018 that there has been a gun fire in an America school. The young man of only nineteen years old Nikolas Cruz killed seventeen of his former classmates in a Florida, high school. Nikolas Cruz has had countless problems with law enforcement in Florida dating back since 2010, warning signs that were missed.

The shooter at the high school in Florida Nikolas Cruz has had police officers called to his home more than thirty-five times. All of this in just over the last six years. In Parkland Florida the Broward County Sheriff police officers have received many emergency 911 calls from Nikolas Cruz home. The young man lived with his adoptive mother Lynda and his younger brother Zachary.

The most recent 911 call in Nikolas Cruz’s home was just in late November 2016. The call came from the mother of the two brothers. The request came because the two young boys were very violent, erratic, being out of control. They also were fighting with their adoptive mother. The Broward County Sheriff Department in Parkland Florida says the two boys often struggled with their mother. Also, with each other on a regular basis. Chief assistant to the Broward County public defender office Gordon Weekes says Nikolas Cruz endured a significant loss when he was a very young child. Gordon Weekes says the nineteen-year-old shooter has fallen between the cracks of life. He says now we have to save Nikolas Cruz from himself.

Warning Signs From Nikolas Cruz

A local therapist of Parkland Florida who worked with Nikolas Cruz back in September 2016 says he was no threat to himself or from hurting anyone else from what he saw. He was clear even after all the emergency 911 calls to his house. He was never under arrest for thirty-five times or more of getting into trouble with the law.

In a very detailed written report, Nikolas Cruz was discussing how he had been harming himself with a knife. He was also bragging about wanting to purchase a gun. The adoptive mother of the nineteen-year-old shooter says he started cutting after he seen his ex-girlfriend do it and she believes he did it just more attention. Nikolas Cruz is now being charged with seventeen premeditated murders when he walked into the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida with an AR-15 and took innocent lives.