Pregnant Cardi B? Possibly

Someone who is very close to the top rapper of our time, the silly, sassy Cardi B is saying that she is with a child. The source works for Cardi B and is apart of the rappers close nit team. Cardi B newest album is set to be finished before the end of the summer of 2018. The sassy celebrity is possibly three to four months pregnant with her fiancé rapper.

If she is pregnant, her current commitments and business deals could become complicated and cost her millions of dollars.

Cardi B is also getting ready to sign her biggest deal yet with a two-month tour alongside the fantastic Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars and Cardi Bs tour will be kicking off in September 2018. In mid-October 2017 her now fiancé Offset proposed to her at a concert where they both were performing. When you think about all the upcoming events and plans Cardi B and her team have for 2018 her being pregnant could put a hold on everything. If Cardi B is pregnant she would be at the beginning of her second trimester. So by August 2018 she would possibly be giving birth to her, and the rapper Offsets’ child.

She has been one super woman. She’s also finishing up her new album and going on tour with Bruno Mars. Everyone knows that the most successful Super Bowl Commercial of 2018 was the one Cardi B was apart of and now she has even more opportunities. The most successful female rapper Cardi B has had countless offers to do more commercial deals on the table. The female celebrity is also going to do more collaborations with other artists this year.  She will even be starring in a movie. If Cardi B bails out on all her commitments, she could lose out of millions of dollars in just 2018.