Saratov Airlines Jet Crashes In Moscow Killing 70

In parts of Russia, investigators, police, and law enforcement officers are searching for the jet that just crashed in hidden fields. The plane crashed in a snow-covered field in Russia killing seventy-one people who were aboard. All together there was six crew members and sixty-five passengers that were on the plane that day. The Saratov Airlines jet crashed down into the fields just moments after it took off from the airport. They were in Moscow’s Domodedovo.

The plane that went down and killed all the seventy-one people on Sunday, February 11th, 2018. Police officials and investigators believe the reason for the plane going down is due to human error, bad weather conditions, and technical failure. At this time the Russian police and investigators on this case do not see the plane accident as a terrorist act of violence.


Saratov Airlines Jet Crash

According to the investigation on the jet, the plane was never on fire while it was still in the air. In fact, the flight only caught fire due to the impact when it hit the fields filled with snow. Russian Investigative Committee announced some eyewitnesses report seeing the plane in flames while it was still in the sky. However, there is no proof of that at this time.

The Russian Investigative Committee said that is this the first horrific plane crash that we have seen in well over a years time. Saratov Airlines jet crash has been a reminder to all people in Russia the importance of safety and not flying in bad weather.

The commercial airplane passenger jet was planning to go to Orsk in the Ural mountains. The Antonov An-148 went down near a small village of Argunovo. The town of Arhunovo is about fifty miles south-east of Moscow Russia. The wreckage of the plane parts stretched out over seventy-four acres. There are seven hundred people involved in the operation.