Philadelphia Mayor Happy With Parade Turnout

According to officials in Philadelphia, there were only two arrests during the Superbowl Parade. The mayor of the town says that he was very happy with how those in his city were acting throughout the event.

Jim Kenny, the mayor of Philadelphia, told reporters that this week had been one of the best in his city.

Only four police cars were dented due to fans climbing on top of them. Also, there were two stabbings, but the victims aren’t suffering life or death injuries.

Maintenance crews had to work overnight in order to clean up all of the trash left behind from fans. Fans came in by the busload to show the town their support. Doug Pederson, one of the coaches, was walking while holding the Lombardi Trophy. He even let some of the fans touch on the prize.

Philadelphia Parade Goes Off With Minor Kinks Thanks To Police

Jason Kelce, who plays center, was able to give a speech in front of the adoring fans. He says that his team were the underdogs. However, during the season, time and time again they showed how bad they wanted the ultimate win.

In comparison to the wild celebration that took place after Superbowl, the parade was mild. Fans were turning over cats, shattering windows off stores, and some were eating horse feces. Someone even hit the police commissioner over the head with a bottle. Things were getting really wild, really fast!

Those organizing the parade made accomdiations for at least 2 million fans.

Though much more were thought to attend the parade, only about 700,000 people were actually there. Those at the Philidelphia Inquirer and other news outlets were able to determine the number of parade-goers by examing pictures. As of now, they are still determining how much the parade actually cost