Kylie Jenner Posts Video Of Her Daughter

Everyone can finally put all the suspicions and rumors about the celebrity Kylie Jenner being pregnant behind. Guess what? She was pregnant the whole time! The lovely Ms. Jenner on her YouTube platform shared a video confirming the birth of her baby. The YouTube video that star relived to the world was showing how happy she was during the pregnancy.

At the end of the video, it also showed her delivering her new baby girl into the world. The beautiful young Kylie Jenner over the last months has gone MIA entirely from her social media accounts. For that very reason, she had her hundreds of thousands of fans and followers looking for something to rumor about over his disappearing.

Kylie Jenner tends to keep her social media accounts updated daily. Sometimes more than once a day, and that turned into nothing during these last several months. So many people were looking for clues to why the celebrity has gone MIA on her social media accounts and even on the Keeping Up with the Kardashian television series.

Kylie Jenner Post About Baby

After posting her fantastic pregnancy video, then Jenner admitted she wanted to prepare to be mother stress-free, and that is why she just got off social media one hundred percent. Now the young Jenner is twenty years old and officially a mother of a baby girl.

The YouTube video is To Our Daughter. Also, it’s twelve minutes long surrounding smiles of Kylie Jenner during her pregnancy. In just twenty-four hours the video has been viewed over twenty million times worldwide. The footage shows many pictures of Kylie Jenner with her baby bump. Apart from the video shows Ms. Jenner and Travis Scott attending ultrasounds together. Another part of the video showed when Kylie Jenner got to meet her niece, Chicago West for the first time.