Lizard Found In Bag Of Lettuce

A 3-inch long lizard was found by woman from Maine inside a bag of lettuce. Michelle Carr told reporters that she didn’t typically shop at the store often. Also, that she wasn’t one to buy lettuce from packages.

The situation was disgusting for her. She says that once she saw the lizard, she began to gag.

After a few bites, she noticed that she was not tasting any avocado. Instead, it was a lizard.

The lizard was dead at the time and missing its tail.

As of now, Carr does not know if she ate the tail or not.

Carr’s friend, who happens to be a biologist from New Hampshire was able to identify the creature right away. The animal was a blue-bellied lizard the resides in California.

Lizard In Woman’s Lettuce Causes Her To Gag

However, the situation has left the women in shock and awe. She says this was the first and only time she will ever buy lettuce that comes in a package.

Carr is a nurse who is currently breastfeeding her newborn son and remains upset about the situation. She worries about exposing herself and her child with salmonella and E. coli.

The was able to get in contact with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Also, she has been in contact with the store and the FDA. However, she is still waiting for answers.

Officials are working with the store’s vegetation supplier to see how the lizard got into the bag of lettuce.

Due to the lettuce being from outside of the state, DHHS cannot do too much about the incident. However, the FDA is investigating the situation.

Carr want’s other people to learn from her incident. She wants them to make sure they pay attention to what they eat and where it’s coming from.