New Scam Targets Taxpayer’s Refunds

With tax season ahead of us, there is a new scam that the IRS is informing citizens about. People are stealing taxpayers refunds by gaining access to information from the offices of tax preparers.

According to the agency, they have been receiving a lot of fake tax returns with real taxpayers names on them. Not only names but social security numbers, addresses and bank account information.

However, some of the fraudulent returns had the person’s real bank account number on the return. A scammer would then call the taxpayer claiming to be a debt collector. They then will say that there was an error when sending out the refund. They then will ask you to forward the funds to the scammer’s account.

Officials believe that the scams began in a tax preparation office due to the returns having all of the correct information of the taxpayer.

New Scam Affecting Tax Returns

As of now, the IRS hasn’t been able to pinpoint exactly who the scammers are. Also, the number of people affected by the scam. Even so, they are still warning preparers to keep up to date on their information and to keep it secure.

When it comes to tax fraud, consumers have a lot of steps to take in order to get the right refund back. One way to know if you are a victim of this type is of fraud is that the IRS will reject your return. The reason for the return rejection is due to being a duplicate. Not only will the consumer have to report the fraud to credit bureaus, but they also have to fill out a 14039 IRS form. Afterward, the 1040 form will have to be filed on paper with the with an attachment of the fraud information.

However, if this is the case for you, expect to wait a while for your refund to come back. It can take the IRS up to four months to resolve the situation.