Senior Citizens To Receive Robot Care

Senior citizens in Japan will soon have robots caring for them instead of real people. Japan over the years has been facing a decrease in their caregivers for their senior citizens.

It has been estimated that by the year 2025 there will be a substantial decrease  of caregivers in the country. 370,000,000 caregivers will leave the health field in Japan. For that reason, the Japanese government wants to increase the robot industry. Also, to show the community that accepting technology could fill the gap for the work staff in the hospital for our elderly. The developers of the robots that will be assisting the senior citizens of Japan are devices that will help the weak resident get in and out of bed.

Senior Citizens To Receive Care From Robots in Near Future

The robot technology will also be able to ease their residents into bathtubs and in and out of their wheelchairs. The Government of Japan wants the robots to be able to do even more for their seniors. They want them to care for patients while in the hospital or a nursing home.

Government officials hope to invent robots that will be able to predict when their patients need to use the bathroom and shower on a routine basis. The director of the robot innovation researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan Doctor Hirohisa Hirukawa says their inventions are gearing toward taking off the burdens of the care team staff.

The robots will also allow some patients to still live at home with the care of their inventions. Hirukawa says for people to keep in mind that robotic technology will not solve all of our issues in Japan. However it will ease some of the difficulties we face for our elderly citizens. Right now in Japan, there is about eight percent of robots already working in nursing homes to assist patients.