Kim Kardashian Reuses $4,500 Cot

The celebrity Kim Kardashian has been sharing all the details expect pictures of her new baby Chicago. Kim K says she is reusing furniture and cot that her first two children used as well. Kim Kardashian is married to the rapper Kanye West, and together they have two children. Their daughter is a sassy little girl by the name of North West. She is four. Their son, Saint West is two. However, in mid-January Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their newest born Chicago via surrogate.

A married couple of now three children in an interview with Architectural Digest opened up their daughter Chicago North’s new nursery. In the interview, Kim Kardashian says, “We are planning on reusing most of the furniture and cot for baby Chicago that we used with our first two children.”

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Welcomes New Baby

The crib that we are using once again is a Vetro Lucite custom crib. They did purchase a new mattress for the Chicago’s crib with a new white fluffy rub. Kim goes on to say that a changing table attachment to the crib as well.

Another power celebrity couple Beyonce and Jay-Z also favor the Vetro Lucite cribs and all of their products. The retail price for one of these custom cribs can range from $3-400,000. These cots made for newborns up to two years old are non-toxic acrylic and one hundred percent recyclable cribs on the market.

The infant cots are handmade with see-through sides so that the babies can have unobstructed views at all times. Kim Kardashian says she is always prioritizing the comfort of her children, especially during late nights when feeding them. I have a super comfy silent glider with an ottoman for feeding baby Chicago West. However, Gliders are way better than any old rocking chair so much easier to rock my babies to sleep, Kim Kardashian adds.