Father Lunges At Nassar During Court Sentencing

On Friday, the father of three young women who were assaulted by Larry Nassar lunged at the predator in court. Officials on the scene were able to apprehend the man before reaching Nassar.

After being released from a holding cell, the man, Randall Margraves gave a statement. He said that he believes in God and heaven and hell. He went on to say that when Larry dies, he hopes he falls into the deepest, hottest pit in hell.

While in court, Margraves asked the judge if he could have five minutes in a locked room with Nassar.

During a news conference, Margraves took the time to tell how Nassar became a part of his families life. He said that at the time, his daughters were playing all kinds of sports. However, the injuries came, and someone told him to see Nassar, as he came highly recommended.

Father Lunges At Man In Court

Margraves says that he was excited to take his kids to Nassar because of his accolades.

In the conferences, Margraves goes on to say that he feels as though he was delivering his children to a demon and he didn’t even know it. He did so thinking about his desires instead of thinking about his children’s well being.

There was a time when Randall and his daughters’ were not getting along. It wasn’t until finding out about the abuse that he was able to connect the dots.

At the conference, his daughter Morgan said that he was reacting how any father who cared about his children would.

Friday was the third sentence hearing for Nassar. It was also his final sentence hearing. The focus of this sentencing hearing was to hear about things that occurred with the victims at Twistars. Twisters is a top gymnastic club int he state of Michigan.