Gardening Improves Mental & Body Health

Gardening can be very beneficial to the human brain when done on a regular basis. Many people do not see planting as an exercise but more of a hobby. However, there are reports saying that it can improve your mental health in significant ways. There are some small exercises that occur while gardening. They include reaching for your gardening tools, pulling those ugly weeds, planning your new plants, watering your flowers and more.

All the little movements you make while working in your garden are forms of aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises from mild to the extreme will work muscles throughout your body. Doing so will improve your flexibility, improve your strength and improve your stamina.

Gardening For Your Health

First of all being in the sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. Howeverthere are also many unexpected health benefits when it comes to keeping your garden in order. A study was published in PLOS One magazine in 2014 found that people who regularly gardened have a higher vitamin D and will not face a deficiency when they’re older.

Doctors encourage people in the north to do gardening more often than people in the south. People who live in the north part of the United States typically have a vitamin D deficiency because of the winter months. Gardening as much as possible would be very beneficial to your health.

A study done in the United States in 2013 found a link between people who garden on a routine basis and decreasing the risk of dementia. The research reports that people who love their garden and keep it in order have a thirty-six percent lower chance of getting dementia. The percentage was even more increased if people were gardening along the side of doing those great DIY projects. Both DIY projects and gardening will lower the risk of early on heart attacks and dementia. Also, reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of a stroke by thirty percent.