Women In India Are Continuously Going Missing

Statistics in the country of India show that there are over sixty-three million women missing. The government officials of India say that more than twenty-one million young women in India are not wanted by their families. Surveys from the past five years show that boys and men have better healthcare than females in India.

According to the government in India from the economic studies, there is a more significant number of selective sex abortions. People are preferring to keep male babies than females. Boys and men also have better nutrition care while girls and women do not. Another India statistics report from the government found couples, where a son is already born more than likely, will not conceive another child. However, if they have a girl first will try until they have a son in the family.

More Women In India Are Missing

Scientists that work closely with the government say that statistics estimate that there are well over sixty-three million fewer females than there should be in India’s population. In the India culture, having a newborn daughter is a time of mourning for the parents. More so, when thinking about what the future hold of enormous debts for the time of their daughter’s marriage. Some parents in India see having a newborn daughter as an embarrassment. Some will not share with close family and friends of their daughters birth.

While being pregnant with a girl in India receives no celebration, if a woman is carrying a boy, it is a time of significant celebration. Being pregnant with an unborn boy child will bring family pride. Also, hope for the future. Studies also show that the women of India don’t have the same access to education. Also, they do not have reliable nutrition and hardly get any medical attention. All women women of India receive pressure to have only sons.