JUMP and Uber Starting Bike Services

Partnering with JUMP, Uber will be launching a new bike-sharing service as early as next week. The company owns the first and only permit that allows dockless bike-sharing in the San Francisco area. However, the new contract with JUMP will allow the company to use 250 electric bikes in the local area. After a nine-month test run, the company will be able to add 250 more bikes on their routes.

The new program is Uber Bike. Customers will be able to use the Uber App to book a JUMP bike. Riders will have to go to the location of the bike.

JUMP and Uber Partnering For Bike-Sharing Services Beginning The Week Of the 4th

Be that as it may, this will be the first for Uber. Competitors have already begun using similar bikes. Back in December, for example, a ride-sharing company in India has begun using bikes. All over campuses in India, people are utilizing the service.

As of now, no one besides those working for Uber and Jump knows the terms of their agreement. All anyone on the outside knows is that the two companies will work together for an an 18-month period. They will work together through the
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Even though Uber Bike is currently only available in San Franciso, it will eventually launch throughout the nation.

According to reps for both companies, pilot runs are to test out the dream; the next step is to make it a reality. However, they are putting a lot of focus into their test runs. Both companies are optimistic about the on-demand mobility of the bikes. Additionally, they are excited to see how the city receives the new bikes. Both groups are interested in the future for the bikes. However, for now, they look forward to the pilot working well in SanFran.